Happy Halloween

Fall is my favorite season.

After spinning my wheels outside of game writing and such I feel like a very difficult life challenge is passing into the rear view mirror of life.

What a crazy year 2008 has been. 

We still have November and December to turn things around and make it a more or less good year from the perspective of all things RPG.

I am turning the garage into a dedicated table top RPG room.  Having this luxury was recently approved by my lovely wife Valerie.  I am about to the point of finishing getting rid of the massive stockpile of old boxes and clutter that the garage had turned into since our move here two years ago and moving on to the patching the finished walls..painting and putting down some sort of floor cover phase.

In the end I’ll wind up with a dedicated, clean space with its own heater.  All my game books, figures and painting and such will go out there.  I also want to put a drafting table out there so I can work on my art and turn it into a sort of art studio.


Switching the Tramp Steamer book to the first in line.  Going to keep working at the module and trying bloody hard to get it done before the year’s end.  If the gods are with us and merciful there will be one other sixty page or so pdf book up before the year’s end.  Likely a region book.

I want to get the ship moving again so that 2009 can be a good year for us from beginning to end.

On a very personal note a good year from my personal perspective is…

A year I get to spend time with my kids and wife…and I don’t deal with chronic pain or similar problems AND a year I get to be creative and do alot of game book self publishing, game art and cartography. 

My art is improving.  I’ve some opportunities to actually see some of it out there in various game publications and magazines very soon.  My cartography is also coming along.  If all works out well somewhere between now and the end of 2009 I’ll be doing a fair amount of illustrations and maps in my own book.

I like that possibility.  I would also like to see Chris and MIke doing more art for RE in 2009.  I do think that will happen but its a matter of logistics. 

Happy belated Halloween everyone.  Its been a pretty fall out here in Kansas.



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