2009 – Here we go.

Its time to get things rolling.

Love it, hate it…RE is moving forward.

First stop is a prequel for the Rocketship Empires setting that introduces an old school / retro style rules set.  This book is slated to be posted as a free…yes…don’t fall over…a free .pdf download for the next four to eight weeks to allow people to comment and generally provide feedback.

The Tramp Freighter Book – Is Done

It is slated for release on April 30th. 

Jeez Ed, why so late?  Well.  We are already a year late.  Instead of pumping out a bunch of books in a month or so that have been on the back burner I am now going to get into the swing of writing for the book coming out in say….six to eight months. 

Meanwhile hanging on to this book and the next one or two and slowly releasing them about every other month will get me on top of some kind of work flow and release schedule.

That is mission critical and its what is going to happen.

The Kingdom of Holland Region Book – Pretty Much Done…release date is June 30th.

2009 is going to see a major change in direction in the company, in the books, in my style as a writer.  In early 2008 we did great but what with everything else that went down I can see that I was just way in over my head.

So in 2009 we are going to take a big step back and start making game books for the main reason we began making them…because they are fun…and for fun….not to make a big splash or name or big dollars.

That means some major changes in direction and looks…

It means creating a core rule book or two which is offered absolutely free to download.  That’s right free.  We’re largely a labor of love and so why not act like it.  The print copies will cost some as I have to go through lulu.com for anything printed but they will still be a pretty good deal all things considered…plus I won’t have to be in the picture when it comes to printing books.  Bonus.

The reorganization is going to be kind of a big pain in the tookus and I don’t expect everyone will be completely happy BUT at least it will put me back in a situation where I can write books and not stress about it.

Its time to go back to the original premise that if I am selling fifty or a hundred little fun game books and people generally like them and think they are a good value….then awesome.

Its just going to be about doing a good job without killing myself doing it and having fun as a sideline from here forward.



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