Sunday into Monday (Is it really March already?)

Spent the weekend fiddling with plugging my document into Word so the editor can more easily make changes and recommendations.

I have to find a better way.  Isn’t there an edit function if you own the full Adobe suite right in the .pdf program?  At least so you can make notes and send back for changes? 

Copy and pasting everything out of Indesign into Word and then taking the changes done in word and plugging them back into Indesign is going to really stink…the problem I have is that I absolutely loathe writing in Word.  Oh well I’ll probably just have to bite the big bullet and write everything in word, edit it and then after that is done finally plug it into indesign.

Spent the weekend working on art.  Getting paid a little money even.  Still.  I have to say that my heart goes out to artists big time.  Huge hours get dumped into a piece of artwork that a client then demands a change on which then means even more hours dumped in to make the changes.  If I wind up making two dollars an hour doing artwork I’m right in the ballpark. 

Outside of volunteering for artwork for a few magazines here and there and then fairly rarely I think I am going to confine my art to one or two special clients and my own books.  Doing art for my own books is really the only way that doing fantasy / science fiction art at all makes any sense economically.

I’m going to have to way tone down my doing free artwork for these fanzine publications and retro clone rule books though.  The more I look at where I spend my time and in this economy…whether what I am spending my time on is putting food on the table for my kids…I can see alot less freebie artwork in the future.

In short order though I’ll have at least two solid clients with pretty high map and art demands.  They both pay but the point isn’t the money, its working for -some- amount of pay and learning the business from people who know it from the inside out.  I’ll have scads of art to work on when I factor in the dozen or two dozen pieces for each of my own books…so much that I’ll probably be turning out more than a hundred published pieces of RPG artwork a year.

Well…there’s no school like the school of hard knocks.  I’ll be learning by doing.



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