2009 Conventions

I will be at a couple of conventions this year.  Most notably Gen Con, Indie…Lake Geneva Con and Gary Con.

Maybe one other if I can swing it.

This year I will not be doing a table.  I will just be scouting things out, gathering information from other vendors or artists by asking them how they like it, what they would recommend, what to avoid, what to be sure to remember…

Then in 2010 I hope to do my first convention table.  By then we’ll have a small stack of different books to table and a couple of portfolios filled with art to hang up and show off / sell.

Getting a table at something like Gen Con is expensive or at the very least a major logistics undertaking.  I will be scouting how to have a table space for the smallest cost and get the biggest bang for my buck.  My hope is that I will at the very least pay for my Gen Con trip with sales at the table.



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